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The Meierstone Ranch consists of 555 high-fenced acres, with game managed, protein-fed white tail and axis trophy deer. 



At the Meierstone Ranch, we take care to provide our hunters with high-quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to answer your questions, take requests, and schedule bookings 7 days a week. 



All hunts include guide services by our professional and courteous staff.  All hunts are guided to protect the hunters and the animals. After the animal is harvested, your guides will clean, skin, quarter and pack the animals into your ice chests.

White-tailed buck and doe Season is from Nov. 3, 2018 - Jan. 9, 2019 in Gillespie County. Extended season for white-tail does is from January 7-20, 2019.
To purchase deer hunting license online, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

For up-to-date information about hunting guidelines, season dates, bag limits, or general FAQ's, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. 



All hunts include lodging in the Meierstone hunting cabin.  The hunting cabin is equipped with a full-service kitchen, heating, TV, and a campfire and BBQ pit out back. Restrooms and shower facilities are also on site.  The cabin sleeps up to 6 guests on single beds. 


For additional questions, bookings and availability please Contact Us.

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